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Name:Morrigan, Witch of the Wilds
Birthdate:Jan 1
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Name: Morrigan, Witch of the Wilds
Affiliation: Apostate, Shapeshifter, and Daughter of Flemeth.
Position: Teacher
Phone Number: NONE
Residence:Bindo's HER shack in the woods.
Canon:Dragon Age: Origins with [info]badnewsandwit

"Change is coming to the world. There are some who fear change and will fight it with every fibre of their being. But sometimes, change is what they need the most. Sometimes, change is what sets them free."


"The Chasind have tales of we witches... I have prowled shadows that you never dreamed existed. Am I an unnatural abomination to be put to the torch?"


"Ahh, fresh air. 'Twas difficult to breathe within with all that self-righteousness crowding the air."


Morrigan: Surely there is another who would not be so bothered by your tiresome questions. Perhaps Alistair?
Shale: I fear the second Warden has not the knowledge to answer my question.
Morrigan: You might ask him anyhow. Certainly whatever he happened to come up with would serve as amusement.
Shale: I do not understand. I seek enlightenment, and not amusement.
Morrigan: You're apt to get much further seeking amusement, I assure you.
Shale: The swamp witch is a most confusing creature. I do not understand it.
Morrigan: You're not the first one to say so. The first golem, perhaps.
Shale: I will ask the swamp witch later when it is less inclined to make bizarre responses to my queries.
Morrigan: You will be waiting for some time, then, I fear.


Leliana: Andraste forgive me, but you, Morrigan, are a bitch. A cruel, cruel bitch, and you will get your comeuppance.
Morrigan: Perhaps. But even so, you know in you heart that I am right.


Wynne: You are dangerous, Morrigan. Dangerous, cunning and thoroughly deceitful. But you are beautiful, and he is young. It's a pity he doesn't know any better.
Morrigan: Why, Wynne, I do believe that is the first time you have ever offered a compliment. Thank you.
Wynne: Only you would take that as a compliment.

Interests (11):

breaking rules, magic, mocking the chantry, prowling shadows, scaring small children, shapeshifting, taunting wardens, the fade, the wilds, vexing templars, whiskers on kittens
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